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The former proprietor of this domain, Don Shorock, passed away several years ago now (late 2010).

I (his son) am slowly getting around to archiving those things that might be of interest to to future web browsers. As importantly, I am culling the most egreciously out-of-date material.

If you used to get something through a link on shorock.com (or any of the hundred-plus other sites Don ran) in the past, it no longer works, and you wish it did, I likely do have the content available. My email is thomas@shorock.com. Also, contact me if you had a site with Don that is still in limbo and you need to move it elsewhere.

If you want to follow these remaining links to a more... shall we say genteel... era of the web, do continue.

  • don.shorock.com
  • A brief visit to Nassau
  • April 2007 trip to New Jersey updated version
  • 2008 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Rawlins Cross photo album
  • Great Big Sea photo album
  • John McCutcheon photo album
  • Vishtèn photo album
  • Béla Fleck photo album
  • Winfield Regional Symphony
  • Smoky Hill River Festival photo album
  • PrairieFest photo album
  • USAF Thunderbird photos (for your Windows desktop)
  • Wagon Train pictures

  • Don's YouTube channel

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